After two years off, my blog is back! This time it’s a basic WordPress install – no custom ASP.NET system, and I aim to keep the posts targeted at software development.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be reinstating some of my coding posts from a couple of years ago as I extract them from the old SQL Server database I have lying around on my work’s PC.

The online software development community is one I’ve been itching to get back into. This industry is unique in the way that individuals like me can interact so easily and so productively with an enormous group of peers distributed throughout the world – from application developers like me to system programmers, compiler writers and programming legends.

I hope that this blog can become some small but valuable part of all that, and if not, well, it’ll be a damn site easier browsing here than extracting a post from that SQL Server database every time I need to remind myself how strongly typed configuration sections work.

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