NUnit Results Explorer

NUnit Results Explorer is my first open-source project. It’s a really simple C#/WPF application which can be used to browse the XML result files produced by running NUnit unit tests. It’s been written using Visual C# Express 2010 and NUnit 2.5.7. It supports result files produced by NUnit 2.5.7.

NUnit Results Explorer

NUnit Results Explorer

NUnit 2.5.7 features some specific changes to the schema of the results files which allows the following features:

  • Distinction between projects, assemblies, test fixtures, parameterized tests and theories.
  • Distinction between test results such as error and failed, inconclusive and non-runnable.

Those features also allow me to do one nice-to-have thing, which is determining proper namespaces for test fixtures and tests which would have been much more difficult to do using previous result file versions. In short, knowing whether a test-suite element represents an assembly, a namespace, a test fixture or something else allows me to build namespaces for cases using the names of parent test suites. You can download the source if you’d like to know more.

It’s currently pre-release, but the current source is perfectly usable, just a little shy of the features I want in version 1.0. I’m hoping to upload a proper release in the coming weeks.

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